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Sounds like you're younger which is a plus.

Are you old enough to go to a gay bar? That might not be your thing either but you might at least meet some people in the community.

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Also I used to play hockey and was confused for a lesbian because lots of the women playing were gay. Theyre out there! Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't most dating apps have a "bio" section or something where you can specify that you're looking for a long-term relationship? You've probably already tried that, but if you haven't, maybe give that a shot.


I found my girlfriend by bonding over anime on Tumblr. It's not for everyone, but online can be a good place to meet people who can become partners. Try sites based on your interests, since you don't want to hook up but are looking for a relationship. Also meet-up groups in your area. Or if you're into it, cons are great places to find similar folks.

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Welcome to Reddit,

So other people can't tell I'm gay, and I can't tell if other people are gay either. I'm thinking about going to pride this year alone lol but maybe I'll meet someone. Good luck with it all! It really doesn't matter as much as it feels like it does.

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I wait outside for about 45 minutes on the off chance he actually called the cops, which he obviously had not. I didn't know the area that well and I had taken the bus which I couldn't find again without my phone or pay for without a wallet. I had to go wandering around for 30 minutes, bite marks on my arm and a developing black eye, knocking on doors at 11 pm until someone answered who let me use their phone to call the police.

How do gay people find other gay people? : CasualConversation

The good news is that the guy used my card at a Walmart, and they were able to get him off the cams. Turns out that house was a known drug house, and they were able to shut down his and his friends little meth trafficking operation. His friend the son of the elected county sheriff had obtained dozens of stolen phones and was using them to sell drugs. I kept the same phone number afterwards, and received texts requesting meth for weeks. Yes I was put on PEP just in case and have been tested multiple times. All clear and just some emotional scarring I reported the dude to the cops and he fled the state.

Bisexual here, and this is probably not what this thread is going to be filled with, but I still want to get it off my chest. For me, guys have always been for fun and sex and never even possibly a romantic relationship or something long-term. At the start of this year I hooked up with a guy off Grindr because I thought he was adorable, but it ended up being so nice in a way that totally ruined the way I'd organized my life.

I felt totally relaxed around him, and never ashamed or anxious. I didn't want him to leave and it didn't feel gross hooking up with him. I wanted to see him as much as possible for the foreseeable future, and I couldn't believe he felt the same. It got to the point I started to consider how I would incorporate this into my life considering the fact that no friends or family knew I was bisexual. I've never been emotionally open, but with this guy everything was so easy, and not embarrassing, and comfortable.

He came over again the next week for a party at my house and met my housemates. He came over twice the next week. He would text me randomly during the day about cute nonsense. Then he ignored me for three weeks.

r/EntitledParents FORCE GAY GUY TO DATE THEIR DAUGHTER - RubbenRock ep. 62

Then he texted me saying he still wanted to meet, he was just really busy and bad at texting. He made plans to come over on a Friday, then texted "Sorry I have an emergency" at 10pm and never responded after. I was worried. Then he texted apologizing for being vague, and promised to come over this Friday. Friday comes, Friday goes.

No text, no nothing. I see he's on grindr, I chat him really upset, asking what happened? He blocks me, he never responds to my texts. I'll never know what happened. I got totally baited into something I never thought I would want, and despite every sign and signal being positive it ended in shit and I will never know why.

He was a few years younger than me, so I didn't want to press him to share beyond what he wanted to volunteer. The last Friday he was supposed to come over was right after Valentine's Day, so I bought a shitty little red bear from CVS as a tongue in cheek gift. It's still sitting under my bed. Edit two: I got ghosted by a girl I similarly hit it off with. That one was an egregious mutually acknowledged movie montage sort of "is this really happening" weekend that ended with her not talking to me, and her friends not being able to tell me why.

Was he closeted? I know some gay guys have a lot of internalized shame and anxiety that can manifest when they think about past sexual encounters. That's just fucking awful. Not getting closure is one of the worst and hardest things to deal with. I feel for you: Damn dude, that's sad af.